Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nairn - Highland Council byelection - who's standing then?

The Gurn understands that today could see the announcement of who will be the SNP's candidate for the contest caused by Colin MacAulay's recent retirement from front line politics at Glenurquhart Road. The SNP have been holding hustings and an ballot of its local membership to chose their candidate. Elsewhere the Gurn also understands that efforts have been made to inspire an Independent candidate to come forward but it may be that as the byelection will take place on the same day as the General Election that any Indy minded souls might feel that this contest will basically only be seen by the voting public as a purely "political" event and thus mitigate against candidates without a party label. 

Meanwhile the only confirmed candidate is the Lib Dem Ritchie Cunningham.  Anyone aspiring to fill the vacancy has until tomorrow afternoon to deposit their nomination papers with Highland Council. Will there be any surprises?

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Anonymous said...

Are Scottish Natural Heritage aware of Ritchie Cunningham, he might be the last of a species (Liberaldemocraticus) in this area