Monday, March 30, 2015

Orange Sunset through Mist - Nairn snapshot wins 3rd Prize in Scottish Nature Photography Awards Photographic Competition 2014

Dave Shillabeer wins 3rd prize in the Urban Greenery Category of the Scottish Nature Photography awards, he told the Gurn:

"It was taken on a dreary, misty morning in November last year. I was walking the dog and had just turned into the Achareidh Path from the A96. The dog was off the lead and I had just passed the woman walking in the opposite direction. I turned around to see where my dog was and the red light of a misty sunrise was just appearing through the trees. I got my pocket camera out and waited for the light to develop and the woman to walk forwards into the light. The moral of the picture. You don’t need all singing and dancing SLR camera’s. It’s the operator who makes the picture, not the camera."

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Frank Canon said...

Well done Shilly see you Friday at The Bandstand for a few Ales celebration for winning 3rd prize. Frank Canon.