Sunday, March 22, 2015

Seagull Pride rampant - as the "Scorries" take the Highland League Cup semi-final Wick 2 Nairn 1

Disappointment for County fans who headed north with optimism after their side's recent run of good form. It wasn't to be though as Wick made the best of it in the second half and scored two to destroy County's hopes of injecting some excitement into the final part of the season. That's the way it went despite a cracking header from Paul MacLeod which found the home net in the first half. 

By the time the fans bus had reached the Berridale Braes they had started to come to terms with the crushing blow and philosophical approaches were being taken - it was still a big downer however. More on the game later.

Norrie the Scorrie was celebrating yesterday afternoon


Anonymous said...

And Wick has a Lidl

Graisg said...

and a Homebase and a couple of others

The ghost of Arthur Montford said...

Its a long way to travel for a Lidl or Homebase - I'll stick with one a bit closer to Nairn !!