Friday, March 06, 2015

The BIG club in Nairn wins its second award

Brigitte Valance of the Beginners Internet Group tells the Gurn:

"the BIG club in Nairn has won its second award, again for the intergenerational aspect and for its community connections. We won the award for best New Project and you will see the other winners in the link. It is great that this BIG club, funded by RCOP and support by Nairn Academy has proved so popular in the Nairn community. Special thanks to Nairn Academy students who have done their community proud again! And also thanks to Liz Main 'get well soon Liz we miss you!' who volunteers and supports the BIG club every week, it would not be the success that it is without her."

More details on this "Generations working together page".  

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