Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Still searching for Finn (lost Scottish Terrier) in the Crook Road woods

Yesterday we posted the following message we received :

 "Lost dog alert: Scottish Terrier Finn aged 3, lost Nairn woods Househill area may have made way back towards nairn has bell on collar is micro chipped was on a long blue lead but hope this has come of details at Nairn vets and police station."

The Gurn understands that despite searches of the woods in question there has been no sign of Finn yet. Below is a picture of the wood where Finn went missing, the yellow X marks the spot where there is a layby and an entrance to the wood. Also a picture of Finn on the right of this text.

Please keep an eye out for Finn especially if you are a regular dog walker in the area concerned. 

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