Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Costs of Highland Council's Kingsteps access court action still not known

The Gurn has seen correspondence between Murd Dunbar and the Chief Executive of Highland Council. Murd had been interested to find out information on money spent on various other access issues. This observer would imagine that there are other Gurnites who would also like to know the final bill for the aborted court case against Alexander Brodie but they will be disappointed (for a while anyway). The Highland Council's Steve Barron told Murd in a letter: 

"In relation to costs of the court action regarding the access at Kingsteps, these are not currently known as the other party's expenses are yet to be agreed."

Back in January Alexander Brodie was told he could claim expenses from Highland Council when they abandoned their action at the Court of Session in Edinburgh (details on this BBC page).