Friday, April 24, 2015

"Parents for Play" group formed to apply for funding for play equipment in Nairn

Stephen Fuller (SNP candidate for the Highland Council Nairn By-Election) is in the process of setting up a new group that will investigate and apply for funding to modernise and improve the play equipment in Nairn. The first 2 areas the group intend to try to improve are the Links and the Riverside.

Stephen said "you just have to look to Ardersier to see the tremendous facility a group of parents achieved by working together with councillors, play officers and the community to deliver one of the best playgrounds available in the area. I hope to do the same for Nairn, we have set up a core group and we would welcome more members and anyone who would like to help us in this aim"

"It is essential to have the community on board and any proposals we come up with will be shared with schools, play providers, parents and the youth forum. One member of the group is very keen to see play equipment installed that can accommodate children with disabilities and wheelchairs."

Liz MacDonald added "We used to have some of the best play facilities in Highland, but unfortunately these now require a significant input of cash to bring them up to modern standards. Myself and the other Nairn Councillors will, I'm sure, be delighted to work with Stephen's group to help find funding to update the Links and the Riverside and make them more exciting places for our local children and visitors to use"

Stephen added: "The group is new and will have to be set up formally to ensure we have the right body for applying for funding to achieve our objectives. As we develop and come up with ideas and suggestions we shall make sure to consult with the community, particularly the main stakeholders in this - our children."