Thursday, April 23, 2015

Murd's Firhall Bridge question to the candidates

Murd Dunbar tells us: "Now that the hunting season is on for votes I would like to know who amongst the candidates would genuinely support a change from the enclosed photo to a ramp and let every one enjoy the riverside walk.

I ask those who would like my vote for a genuine answer not just a political answer just to obtain my vote then turn their back on it when elected.
It would also be nice to know what your readers think of a ramp for the disabled and others at the bridge.

As they can see it is impossible for anyone but those who can access the steps."


Anonymous said...

Important though it is, it's a local issue and should we really be expecting the matter to be taken up at Westminster?

I'n not a robot said...

Personally, I would like to see an all abilities brand new bridge to replace the existing eyesore.

Anonymous said...

After the carry on at the Links its a good question Murd. Nairn is a bonnie place lets make it accessible to all. I'm for doing up the bridge but I'm sure there are those in Ivory Towers who think different, and won't give a straight answer.

Graisg said...

@anon 2.03 Regardless of whether it is worthy enough an issue to trouble the Westminster candidates there is also a simultaneous Highland Council byelection for Nairn ward 19 taking place which will also be decided on May 7th and the bridge is the responsibility of said Council.

Anonymous said...

Knock it down, its more bother than its worth.

Murd Dunbar said...

Knock it down.
What a selfish answer.
Apart from depriving every one from crossing and cutting off the water supply to Nairn. I would be interested to know what bother it has put you to try and get a ramp installed. It might be annoying for me but I think of others so don't worry about my time spent trying to help others. Every one is entitled to there opinion even if they don't want to consider any one else.
The expression I am all right jack would appear to be your attitude.

Ritchie Cunningham said...

please see my election literature - page two - for comment on Firhall Bridge.

Ritchie Cunningham

Anonymous said...

@Ritchie Cunningham

Where can we see it please?

The Nairnshire Rambler said...

What Murd is looking for is action not words of promise. We will see after the Election who does and who doesent. Action speaks louder than words.

Graisg said...

Just put Ritchie Cunningham's leaflet up anon, he mentions the Firhall Bridge.

Murd Dunbar said...

Never a truer word was said
Nairnshire Rambler
I do have a promise of A meeting with DREW HENDRY to discuss how it can be brought forward.
Will report on the outcome.
You can bet I for one wont give up on those who cant access the bridge.

Anonymous said...

I think a mass protest on polling day,at millbank,then onwards to council office on high street,to highlight the ramp sure it would be well attended,

Unknown said...

Keep at it Murd, you remind me of a good "ratting terrier".
A beautiful corner of Nairn that hopefully will be opened up to the less able bodied members of the public.

Freck Fraser