Friday, April 03, 2015

Photography - Dave Shillabeer's winning streak continues

Dave told the Gurn: "These three images were submitted for a competition in Inverness and the results were announced last night. The category was 'Street Photography' which has a wide interpretation but the first, 'Companions' had to go into an open section. This was because it was taken on Nairn beach (clearly not a street) early one morning with the mist just clearing. It was taken on a small pocket camera which I always carry with me.

 The 2nd, 'Kings Cross Mezzanine walker' was taken early this year with the same camera up on the Mezzanine walkway of Kings Cross Station. This is above the waiting area where all the food franchises are. The effect was made possible by the size of the camera as I was able to hold it up UNDER the handrail and wait for someone to walk into the shot. 

The 3rd and Trophy winner was taken over in Cromarty. It was shot with a DSLR. The old man was slowly meandering down the alley so it was a case of waiting to get him in the right position. He suited the environment perfectly but the shot didn't work in colour. I tried it in Black & White which made it better then hit on the idea of giving it a sepia tone to complement the age quality of the image. The shot would have been equally as good with my pocket camera. That's it, it's all downhill from here."

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humbled said...

Fantastic photos, amazing camera work taking full advantage of the light and capturing atmosphere of each environ. Well done indeed Mr Shillabear, where can we see more of your excellent work?