Wednesday, April 01, 2015

It’s Time for a Men’s Shed in Nairn!

Over the last year a few individuals have been exploring the potential for setting up a Men’s Shed in Nairn.

A Men’s Shed is basically a larger version of the typical man’s shed in the garden – a place where he feels at home and pursues practical interests with a high degree of autonomy. A Men’s Shed offers this to a group of such men where members share the tools and resources they need to work on projects of their own choosing at their own pace and in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment.

According to Roy Anderson, Community Networker for Nairn and Ardersier, “It is a very flexible concept, which can operate on a variety of levels. Whilst primarily aimed at addressing loneliness and social isolation amongst retired men it can also be a space for intergenerational activity, learning new skills and benefitting the wider community.

The first Men’s Shed opened several years ago in Australia. Since then the number has grown to over 1200. A couple of years ago the concept spread to our shores and has developed rapidly across the country. Local Sheds have recently opened up in Inverness, Forres and Elgin – now it’s time to get one up and running in Nairn!

If you feel you would like to get involved in setting up a pilot Men’s Shed, or are simply intrigued to find out a bit more about it, come along to our open meeting on Wednesday 22 April at 2.00pm in Nairn Dunbar Golf Club Lounge. As well as giving a greater insight into what a Men’s Shed can be like, we will also be inviting members of existing Men’s Sheds in Inverness and Forres to give us the benefit of their first-hand knowledge and experience. There will then be the opportunity for open discussion with a view to mapping the way forward.”

In order to get a rough indication of numbers, it would be helpful if you intend coming along to the meeting that you get in touch beforehand with Roy Anderson, either by phone (01667 455620) or email .

“I believe that the time is ripe for this exciting project to get up and running – but we need the time, skills and expertise of local folk to make it happen!” says Roy.

Roy Anderson
Community Networker – Nairn and Ardersier


I can dance like a robot said...

The only problem with men's sheds are the wives that will fill it with all their crap.

You dance like a dad said...

Yeah, husbands defo come under crap

Anonymous said...

A great idea - Motherwell DC had these 40 years ago and served the community well. Great meeting places to put the world to rights and forge new friendships!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! A shed for real men like me in Nairn ! I'll ask my wife if I can come.

Anonymous said...

Men's shed ? How politically incorrect under the Sex Discrimination Act! Workers shed or peoples shed would be appropriate.

bra burner said...

How politically incorrect! Under the Sex Discrimination Act.Workers shed or Peoples shed,would be more fitting.

Anonymous said...

"inclusive environment"? oh yeah sure, but only if you're male.

Graisg said...

Women will be welcome in the Nairn one Anon