Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Drew and Stephen - two for the price of one today in the Nairn sunshine

An image of the Westminster SNP candidate and the Highland Council Nairn by-election contestant together in the spring sunshine today (Drew Hendry and Stephen Fuller). Are you a Westminster or Council by-election candidate out in the thick of it in Nairn? If you are send us images of your campaign activities and we'll be delighted to publish on the Gurn - Danny and Ritchie, Mike and Chris or Indy pictures - all welcome. 


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the SNP touting themselves outside the community centre but one did wonder why they obviously did it in the morning. There would have been no end of amusement if they had done it about 5pm (bit late for most politicians I know) I wonder how many motorists would lower their windows as they were stuck in the traffic to ask these "local champions" what they are going to do about it. It's Easter and already Nairnites are saying "here we go again". Of course there's a bypass coming.........yes sometime......soon. Nice to see them when they need a vote though.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7.42
The SNP are out and about several days - and evenings - each week. Have a chat with Drew or Stephen any time you see them.
The plans for a by-pass are - as you well know - further advanced than ever before.
Of course - if the LibDems and Labour and the Tories hadn't forced through the Edinburgh Tram system, then we might already have had our bypass!

Anonymous said...

"Nice to see them when they need a vote though."

You could say that about ALL politicians!

Anonymous said...

I usually support Labour Party candidates but I will be lending my vote to Danny to help keep the SNP out.

Kick Danny Oot said...

I always vote for a party rather than a candidate but I guess it's come down to personality for some voters

Anonymous said...

3:31 says that he/she always votes for a party rather than a candidate. Then goes on to say that for others it comes down to personality. A tag line of Kick Danny Oot suggests that they may also be affected by personality more than they are aware :-)


I have believed in independence all my life.
I also believe in the rights of the disabled to have access at the Firhall bridge. Danny has tried Drew want even answer mail when asked A question. Normally you get fobbed of with some kind of excuse but Drew won't even do that. If he wants to represent me he knows where to start.
Try with the H.C he is the man at the top??

Anonymous said...

Agree Murd Dunbar, have heard this from another source also. From what I have experienced the SNP are good at shouting people down but when the argument is obviously "sliding" against them or they can't "bridge" the difference. They usually jump "the lights" and don't answer or move onto a different subject. That and just ignore you completely. I do like it though that when you put on a comment on any social media source some party faithful comes on to shout anyone down who dares to ask question. Think for yourself comes to mind. "Edinburgh Tram System". Lol really might as well mention Trident and the A9