Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Parent Council erect "No Entry" signs at Millbank Primary after parking advice ignored

Traffic safety issues at Millbank prompted the Parent Council to take action. A Highland Council spokesperson told the Gurn:

“The ‘no entry’ signs erected at Millbank Primary School were erected by the Parent Council (with approval from the school) during the holidays following a decision at their last Parent Council meeting. In common with many other schools the car park can be very busy and despite numerous reminders in newsletters that the car park is for staff and permit holders only, this advice was being ignored. Permits are issued to parents of pupils with additional support needs for access to the school."

The restriction will be removed on May 7th however when Millbank becomes a polling station for the day. The spokesperson went on to say:

“On the election day the car park will be available to voters as usual. Staff will park their cars in the infant playground as pupils are not in school on that day.”


Anonymous said...

The selfish few as usual.

Anonymous said...

Some people won't walk the length of themselves. Sign of the times!!!!

Anonymous said...

No entry signs should be at the bottom of rose street too.