Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Letter to the Gurn from Mairi Magregor - an independent candidate in the Ward 19 Nairn Highland Council byelection

Mairi Macgregor
43 Manse Road
IV12 4RS

24th April 2015
Gurn Nurn

Dear Gurn

As a politically independent candidate standing in the local election on the 7th May I would like to share with you the main points that are important to me.

· It is important that Highland Council engages with the Community Councils to overcome the concerns that our community is simply taken for granted. The difficulty is that for a Community Council to do its job it will challenge the comfort zones of officials and political parties who may be following wider agendas that conflict with local needs. 

· I have deep concerns about the administration of the Nairn Common Good Fund. The Fund is a slumbering giant that has the potential to assist fund some of the initiatives that will improve not only Nairn, but the landward areas which look to Nairn as its centre of interest. 

· In November 2010 our new Police Station was opened at the cost of £1.6 m. Unfortunately before it even had its official opening it was named as one of the 10 stations in the legacy Northern Constabulary area that would have their opening hours limited. With the amalgamation of the eight Scottish Forces, Police Scotland has had to make more cuts to spending. It is therefore important for the folk of Nairn that there is consultation between Police Scotland and the local community ensuring a safe environment for all generations.

· Nairn Improvement Community Enterprise with over a thousand members has now been recognised by Highland Council as having a role to play in the Action Plan for the Nairn town centre I would fully support NICE with this project along with the Harbour, River and other projects they are delivering.

We need to bring the control of our town back to Nairn. So when you turn out to vote on the 7th May please vote for Mairi MacGregor. Putting Nairn and its people first.

Yours sincerely
Mairi MacGregor