Wednesday, April 01, 2015

SNP candidate for Westminster Drew Hendry and Nairn activists prepare to canvass Achareidh - picture

Drew and local activists met up in the layby near the Westerlea this lunchtime before setting out to canvass Achareidh. Larger image here.


M. R .DUNBAR said...

I have asked in mail what action as the leader of the highland council
S.N.P Hope-full going to do about A ramp at the Firhall Bridge Nairn. Danny Alx has also asked for a Ramp
Gordon Timber offered to supply
The army offered there services.
Drew Hendry reply your message has been read.
I am sure that will help all those being discriminated at the bridge by the Highland Council. WILL TAKE a LOT OF COMFORT FROM THAT

Anonymous said...

good luck Drew Fibdems out!

Brian Turner said...

"setting out to canvass Achareidh"

Thank goodness he managed to avoid the traffic lights that the council he leads won't do anything about.

Graisg said...

Traffic lights in Nairn are a Scottish Government responsibility Brian through Transport Scotland and not Highland Council