Tuesday, June 23, 2015

All points of the compass will come to Nairn for the World Orienteering Championships on 1st August - picture

This year Keeping Nairnshire Colourful has made a design of an orienteering compass, and in collaboration with TEC Services this was planted up in carpet bedding on the circular bed near the putting green and crazy golf at the Leisure Park . 

This themed flowerbed, together with 18 hanging baskets which are to be installed along Marine Road, are part of a KNC-organised scheme to make Nairn look attractive for the World Orienteering Championships opening at the Links on 1 August. The Nairn Ward Discretionary Fund and local businesses Wetherby House B&B, The Sunny Brae Hotel, The Braeval, Robertson & Bailey Interiors, Havelock House Hotel and Howdens Joinery have all contributed to funding this special floral display.


John said...

I hope they have banned GPS, GPS has ruined orienteering

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to KNC's gifted and enthusiastic volunteers - and to Council staff - for brightening the Burgh.

dr-grigor said...

Apart from the compass not facing north , a good effort !

Moonshadow said...

@ dr-grigor

Plants tend to be influenced by the direction of the sun so maybe not the best materials to choose to make a magnetic compass for you, although for hundreds of years many farmers have planted according to the state of the moon that may or may not be influenced by gravity, no one is sure

Just hope in future years they don't make a floral representation of a GPS!

Sheena Baker said...

Oh dear! Do we always have to look for negative points? 3 negative comments from one private individuals huge effort to get this funded and planted!

Well done Annie Stewart and all the personnel involved planting it.

The ANB have a WOC window competition for all shops/business to take part in. The area is from the harbour to the main Post Office including Leopold Street. Participating windows should be themed on the WOC event. There are several very good prizes. The window should display the nominated charity or local good cause such as K N C. Owners/staff/schools group who set the display windows and who are the chosen winners will be able to know their chosen charity has benefited by their artistic contributions.

The ANB are hoping that other town groups may decorate empty shop windows and join us to show support for the event.

The ANB are also having correx cut out orienteers made for anyone to purchase to use in their window display. Slightly larger ones will be purchased for placement around the town.

No doubt some "wit" will now spend time trying to decry that effort as well!

Sheena Baker

somewit said...

Oh dear, folk making negative comments on THE GURN, whatever next. Well apparently using shorthand that we the ordinary readers have to decipher, ANC, WOC and KNC to name but three

halfwit said...

@somewit of 4.31pm......

If you had lived up to your pseudonym and used what wit you possess, you might have been able to read through the original post and observe that the World Orienteering Championships (WOC) and Keeping Nairnshire Colourful (KNC) were given their full titles so that dimwits could understand.

And any Nairn resident who doesn't know that ANB stands for the Association of Nairn Businesses..... well, which rock have you been living under?

Anonymous said...

Wow "cybergurns" ....... 😨

Anonymous said...

@ 8:45 AM

Are there any other sort on the Gurn?

I'd better be dim wit said...

@ halfwit

It's usual in articles that use abbreviations for the full title when first mentioned to be posted with the abbreviation in a bracket immediately afterwards as indeed you've done in your post

As for the populous of Nairn all knowing as to what ANB is the the abbreviation of I would dispute that. No doubt for anyone moving in ANB circles it's meaning is obvious but the great majority don't. I think you will find there are several thousand folk living under the rock you mentioned

Abbreviations and jargon are sometimes a curse rather than a benefit to everyday language