Thursday, June 11, 2015

County Legends v Supporters - 2pm Saturday 20th June at the Riverside - plus cowshed no more and signings at Station Park

Roll back the years on Saturday the 20th this month

Meanwhile at Station Park the Cowshed is no more. It has gone to be replace soon by a state of the art enclosure, Cowshed 2 coming soon! See picture below we have received this morning. 

In other County news, Andrew Skinner has signed from Clach. We heard last night too from a very proud player's auntie of her nephew also signing for NCFC. No doubt another official statement from the club soon. 


What's in a name said...

Is that Dennis 'The Beast of Bolsovor' Skinner or Andrew Skinner from Inversnecky ?

Graisg said...

The Gurn's sports editorial team has already pointed out that it is in fact Andrew Skinner and not the Beast of Bolsover.
Perhaps Dennis Skinner might fancy a seat in the stand at Station Park now that his favourite perch in the House of Commons is under threat from an influx of 56 new MPs. Point of order Mr Referee!

Back Bencher said...

hear hear (waves papers noisily in air)

Naw said...

County has/had legends?!

The Ghost of Arthur Montford said...

More signings required !!