Friday, June 19, 2015

NHS Highland to end Nairn Hydrotherapy Pool contract

NHS Highland has decided not to renew its contract with the Nairn Hydrotherapy pool and has instructed the Nairn Healthcare Group to stop referrals for patients from 01 July this year.

Funding for this project is not being withdrawn, but reinvested in exercise and pool access within the Nairn area. This reinvestment will increase the opportunities for a wider group of patients to access the benefits of such treatments. 

The decision comes after nearly three years of discussions between NHS Highland and the Nairn Hydrotherapy Pool Trust to agree a revised contract from 01 April 2015, however no agreement has been reached: NHS Highland had requested that the Hydropool broadened its activity protecting it from a reliance on NHS funding.

All periods of therapy that have already been requested by the Nairn Healthcare Group will be honoured until 31 October this year, allowing sufficient time for the Trust to ensure all sessions are completed.

NHS Highland area manager (south) Jean Pierre Sieczkarek said: “The decision to bring our contract to an end with the Nairn Hydrotherapy Pool is based on the need to utilise the financial resources connected with the Pool in a fairer way, allowing increased access for a larger group of patients to exercise and have water-based therapy.

“There is a small number of patient groups accessing the Hydrotherapy Pool, and upon reviewing this, we would like to encourage a wider access to therapies.

“We are in negotiation with High Life Highland to look at alternative wellbeing activity.”


Anonymous said...

The people who rely on this pool are not going to be able to access other activities and I would like to know what other pool facilities there are in this area for the hydropool clients to go to, as to be able to excercise they need warm water.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know where the other pool is that the NHS is talking about putting clients too. And also people who use the pool are not, in the majority, able to use other facilities. The water in the pool has to be warm so a swimming pool is no use.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what the Health Board mean by sending people to other pools That is ludricous. The swimming pool is too cold and most people would be unable to travel out of town.I certainly couldnt. There is no equivalent to hydrotherapy. We have a wonderful facility here in Nairn, with a fully qualified and professional physiotherapist in the water with patients at all times. It is the only one of its kind here. The Health Board should be supporting it not taking away the funding from those who need it most.