Sunday, June 07, 2015

Pictures - Nairn 10 Mile Road Race & Family Fun Run 7th June

Third year of charity event for Yorkhill Children's Charity & Calum's Cabin Sunday 7th June 2015.

Full screen slideshow here individual pictures here.


Anonymous said...

once again the high street is closed,its a disgrace,disabled people not able to shop in high st.and the area that was open to traffic had cars parked in disabled bays.someone should inform them that a fine of up to £1000 can be issued for misuse of disabled bays.its about time a few fines were issued,also,if people want to run,there is always the beach,or the country.

Open All Hours said...

to Anon @ 4.46 : Where on earth were you so desperate to shop on a Sunday afternoon on Nairn High Street?

Anonymous said...

with ref to open all hours.
I was an in patient at raigmore,and I needed shopping when I got out on sunday around 11am,you are one of the lucky ones not to need hospital treatment,but some,like me,need regular in patient hospital visits,and cannot do shopping at the drop of a hat,i hope you do not find yourself in the same predicament the local disabled people have wonder people go to out of town shops,if they cant park in local town

I want a 24/7 pie said...

@ anon 4:46

I too am a blue badge holder with very limited mobility but have to agree with Open All Hours when he/she asks what it was you wanted on Nairn High St of a Sunday? To my knowledge there is only the High St Co-opie open (also one in King St) and Asher's the bakers. Could a pie really have been that important. By the sound of it you have access to a car so could have bought many items (excluding Asher's pies) at Sainsbury's? Personally I'm really pleased to see the High St closed for such an event, I only wish I was able to compete. Sorry that you seem so negative about the High Street closure, hope you get over it

Graisg said...

thanks for comments on disabled parking folks, that line of this thread now closed