Monday, June 29, 2015

Call for Alton Burn flood risk management plan

Nairn Suburban Community Council have written to the Flood Team at Highland Council’s Development and Infrastructure unit backing calls for a flood risk management plan on the Alton Burn from the railway line to Altonburn Road. The plan would involve all private owners/occupiers and Highland Council. 

The Subbies cite a recent event where a blockage was cause by children from Tradespark and Cranloch who made a dam with logs and branches. In a letter they say that one resident has spent a lot of time building up and stabilising one part of the west bank of the burn but that children have continually dislodged boulders and stones on the bank to create stepping stones. 

The Subbies continue in their correspondence:

“Upstream of the Muircote Road pedestrian bridge a lot of rubbish from gardens and bags of household waste does end up in the burn and causes blockages under the bridge. Our local TEC Services team quickly clears the blockages if local householders cannot deal with it.”

The CC states that this sort of waste has ended up in gardens of properties downstream and has led to culprits who have left identifying information in the rubbish being interviewed and warned by the police.

The Alton Burn - looking upstream from the Muircote Road Pedestrian Bridge

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