Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Biomass district heating scheme for Cawdor Village?

Cawdor Estate floated the idea of a biomass district heating scheme for the village at the Community Council meeting in the Community Centre last night. Rachel Bromby speaking for the estate told the meeting that they were assessing the appetite locally for such a scheme and  anyone interested should contact the Estate office.

Whilst basically still a "back of an envelope" idea the estate want to get the message out there and were circulating the proposal through the meeting rather than formerly consulting at the present time. The heating scheme would primarily be for estate properties with other local residents being invited to participate. The estate would also hope to use their own wood to provide power for the district heating scheme. 


Anonymous said...

Biomass is the greening of what used to be called incinerators, I'm sure visitors will love it, and locals will approve of the Estate getting income at their cost in terms of clean air

Graisg said...

Seen one that heats a rather large house anon, seems rather good and hardly any fumes at all out of the chimney. No doubt there will be larger projects elsewhere for comparisons to be made. Can't see the estate or the community in Cawdor going ahead with anything harmful in any way too.