Monday, June 29, 2015

Slides and slopes - a different attitude elsewhere

A picture above from Dave Shillabeer. He tells the Gurn: 

"Popped down to Cummingston yesterday to take a few snaps when I noticed this in the children's play park. No health and safety issues here. Just different attitudes by different local authorities."

This observer still regularly hears people complaining about the removal of the big slide. The feeling that this was a massive "fail" from our councillors still persists.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that there aren't any children actually playing on the slide in that photo.

Since the playground in Nairn has been upgraded I've seen it used by children almost all the time... The new additions are really well loved by the children and much more collaborative to use than a slide.

It's time to move on and let the playground be loved by the children who use it today and not regretted by the adults who used it as children.

Anonymous said...

Everything the council does is a "Massive Fail"

Why aren't they getting on with the play park "improvements" Probably wait until all the kids have broken up from school and start in the busiest period of the year. Their idea of Common Sense no doubt.

Graisg said...

@ anon 6.09 it seems that according to anon of 8.32 that the improvements have taken place.

Anonymous said...

Where are the trampolines, "springy things" and refurbished swings that Lizzy was spouting on about then Anon 8.32pm?

Anonymous said...

All ordered several months ago. Liz will be able to find out when the installation is scheduled. In the interim, do as some of us did 60 years ago - just jump up and down and "imagine".

Anonymous said...

Highland Council do seem to be particularly risk averse. As a professional responsible for Health and Safety on construction sites I find it really frustrating when bad decisions are taken in the name of "Health and Safety". A simple risk assessment is often all that is required. And as for the paddling pool ....... don't get me started.