Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday miscellany

Archie the 2 yr old Labrador cross is still missing, last seen in the Househill woods. He went missing yesterday in the Househill woods while being walked (his owners are in Spain, it was the first day of their holiday). More details here if you want to help in the search for him. 

£3,600 was raised at the 10 mile road race and Fun Run on Sunday. Danny Bow told the Gurn:
“Thank you everyone for participating and contributing, in all ways, to Nairn Charity 10 Mile Road Race & Fun Run. 

We are overwhelmed by your generosity. The amazing sum of £3,600 was raised for Yorkhill Children's Charity & Calum's Cabin.”

A few minutes here from the 10 miler and the fun ran as those taking part came home. 

Murd has a few thoughts about the recent court decision concerning the Kingsteps car park. He told us: 
“The firhall Bridge has been a public right of way A long time before the access for cars to a car park was even built - by the way cars were the only thing that was denied access. As you can see only people able to access the steps can cross the bridge. A walk that is advertised as a circular walk!

The Highland Council could have resolved the problem if they had taken up the offer from the Army to install the ramp plus the offer from Gordon Timber to provide materials but said they had no money for a £8.000 survey? But the Council could pay thousands in court action for cars to have the right of way? The steps at the bridge are in need of repair at the moment but that appears to be on the back burner. It's only pedestrians and the disabled that would benefit from and a ramp would save money on the repair.

So the moral of this is if you require access for your car. The ward councillors will be delighted to help you but if you can't access the bridge find some other way.”

And the crazy golf is back, thanks to Murray MacRae for the picture

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Anonymous said...

It would be cheaper to change the signage from circular walk to just a footpath sign, there's a right of way on the Clavas but doesn't mean we need to make it wheel chair friendly where would you stop? Paths from the shore line to the sea??