Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday night miscellancy

An interesting front page splash in the Nairnshire tonight. Like a bolt out of the blue Highland Council are going to impose an 18 tonne limit on the White Bridge, a Cawdor transport lifeline, from mid-july. Anyone that knows that road will appreciate what that will probably mean for lorries, farm vehicles and coaches that regularly use the B9090. Get yourself a copy of the Nairnshire Telegraph and catch up with the latest. 

We took a few pictures of the first competitors coming in on the Nairnshire Challenge yesterday but gave up as things got wetter and wetter – a few images here. 

Murd Dunbar has been picking a riverside path grass cutting bone or two with a Highland Council official. He is particularly concerned about  getting both sides of the path cut down from corner of the former Millford Hotel site to the main riverside paths (for some reason only one side has been attended to up to now), this is a major thoroughfare for walkers coming out of Queenspark. Murd is concerned that there has been insufficient maintenance of the reconstructed path over and above the grass cutting, he told us: “it was a path that was reconstructed to a D.D.A standard of 1.500m and now reduced to less than 500mm.”
The state of the Millford Path up from the Riverside, causing concern to Queenspark Resident Murd Dunbar
Echoing a sentiment made by Michael Green at a community council meeting recently Murd says: “ our money should all support a viable model that delivers enhanced value for money and better services.” Murd would like to see improvements to the riverside path cutting regime. We have asked the official dealing with Murd’s observations for comment. 

Meanwhile the thermometer drops below 10C again on another midsummer day – and an aurora alert is promising too but you’d have to get above the cloud cover tonight to get a look at the Northern Lights if they turn up.

Update: Tues 18.00. Murd is delighted the path has been sorted. 

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