Sunday, August 09, 2015

A quiet day for Roadworks on the A96 in Nairn? Pictures

Tailbacks have been building up all morning in the town as the gas main works got underway. An interesting contrast here between the West tailback and the East end of town. The first picture was taken around 13.00 and the other out by Sainsbury's about 20 minutes later. Maybe a lot more folk were taking the unofficial bypass or perhaps the temporary lights were a little kinder on those coming our way from the east? We did hear of a tailback well past the roundabout earlier however. More later. 

The tailback stretches to the  turn-off to the Delnies caravan site around 13.00 today Sunday 9th August

The Sainsbury's roundabout at about 13.20 Sunday 9th August. The tailback was beyond the railway bridge and just across the Grantown Rd set of lights - considerably less than out towards Inverness


Anonymous said...

Back roads are busy with traffic, through auldearn to tradespark route. seen a few irate drivers who show no patience or courtesy. people using the alternative. :-)

Anonymous said...

a bloody disgrace,,this would not be put up with in elgin/inverness etc,someone needs to get the boot for this fiasco

Grow up said...

What's the problem, it's work that needed to be done. Imagine the complaints and the cost had it been carried out at night. If it bothers anyone so much stay at home or try walking, no big deal

What were the contractors supposed to do, build a bridge

Some need to get a life

Anonymous said...

Still ongoing as of 6.45 traffic still upto grantown turn off Simon nairn