Thursday, August 06, 2015

“Is this a taste of what is to come?.........” That’s what the people of Cawdor are asking? - Whitebridge restrictions could affect Nairn badly

Below we have a message from Cawdor CC. The forthcoming restrictions to the Whitebridge route look like they will drastically increase the number of HGVs heading through Nairn and so they are inviting concerned Nairn residents to attend their meeting on Monday night (Monday 10th of August) where the issue will be debated: 

Cawdor & West Nairnshire Community Council have, for the last six weeks warned of the impact, the impending 18 tonne weight restriction will have on Nairn.

Last Wednesday’s consultation meeting saw farmers and hauliers meet officials to discuss Highland Councils Roads Officials preferred routes – which direct virtually all HGV vehicles straight through the middle of Nairn.

This week has seen a marked increase in the volume of traffic travelling through Auldearn and Cawdor to avoid the Nairn delays. Given the number that currently cross the Whitebridge, taking an hour to get through Nairn may become the norm?

The impending restrictions are on the Agenda at the Community Council  meeting in Cawdor Community Centre on Monday at 7.30 pm at which all are very welcome.

Click the read more tab to see the full agenda for Monday night's meeting which includes Dog Fouling at Ord Hill and a proposed new road between the A96 and Gordons Sawmill.

1. Apologies.
2. Minutes of meeting held on June 8th and Matters Arising.
3. Police Report.
4. Treasurers Report.
5. Whitebridge.
6. Proposed Boundary Changes.
7. Proposed new road between the A96 and Gordons Sawmill.
8. Tom Nan Clach Community Benefit.
9. Dog Fouling at Ord Hill.

Forthcoming Community Council Elections.

Tuesday 22nd September – Earliest date for receipt of nomination papers.

Tuesday 6th October – Last date for lodging nomination papers.

Tuesday 17th November – Existing Community Councils dissolved.

Thursday 19th November – Counting of votes.

By Friday 18th December – Notification of new Community Councils.

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Anonymous said...

...but no body minds this big trucks coming through villages of Cawdor, Clephanton , Brackla, Auldearn etc etc...nobody minds that at all.

Years of underfunding on the roads and a "head in the sand" approach is coming to bite back now - how soon is that bypass going to be ready :)