Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sewage System Stirs Subbies

There was mention of problems in Nairn’s sewage system once again at the meeting of the Nairn Suburban Community Council at Nairn Academy on Tuesday night. Chair Dick Youngson said:

“I had two communications today, one is about sewage and the dreadful smells that are on the High Street and down the brae from sewage.” He went on to say that the High Street can be quite revolting at times with the smell of sewage and something had to be done. Dick added: “these blockages just haven’t been cleared and there are lots of other sites.”

Graham Kerr of West CC, who was also present, told the meeting: “It’s probably widespread throughout the town with these heavy downpours we are getting these drains just can’t cope.” He suggested the town’s three CCs go to Scottish Water with their complaints and Dick agreed. 

Later, during the West CC meeting, Brian Stewart (Secretary of the Westies) said: “We talked at previous meetings about sewage and drainage problems, bad smells on the High Street and the brown lagoon down by the Merryton Bridge. It is also worth noting that on the evening before the Orienteering World Championships, the manhole cover on the Links blew and the content of the sewers were spilt over the Links. 

Brian went onto say that there was no shortage of evidence and it wasn’t something that was acceptable.

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