Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sandy Park to lead newly formed WhiteBridge Community Support Group

Whitebridge – B9090 Cawdor to Clephanton River Nairn Crossing
Proposed 18T Weight Limit and Replacement Bridge Crossing

Following the Cawdor & West Nairnshire Community Council meeting on Monday evening, members of the local community have now set up the Whitebridge Community Support Group with the aim of offering a means of communication between the Council and the community, as well as assisting the Council in any way they can to facilitate the building of a new bridge. Sandy Park, former Convenor of the Highland Council, has agreed to lead the Group.

The group aim to liaise with Council representatives and business users of the bridge, as well as all the Nairnshire Community Councils, given the massive impact the proposed 18 Tonne weight limit is going to have on not only in the Cawdor area, but also the town of Nairn with a view to getting the replacement bridge on to the Capital Budget Programme for 2016/17.

The Whitebridge Community Support Group will also be engaging with The Design and infrastructure team, and looking to produce a business Plan for submission to Highland Council.


Anonymous said...

Is there any published or to-be-published stats on just how "massive" the effect is going to be - i.e. how many vehicles will be over the new weight limit?

until we know that, there can be no way we can figure if a new 2nd bridge to take this overweight traffic is value-for-taxpayers-money?

Graisg said...

@food for thought - you are just too cheeky - Let's see how Oor Sandy gets on with this shall we?