Monday, August 31, 2015

Temporary 10th set of traffic lights again for Nairn for Monday evening rush hour

Another set of lights appeared today at the Duncan Drive junction of the A96 - a cable of some kind is to be laid across the road and the work will be completed tonight. 

Again it is a question of timing that is exercising the minds of some Nairn residents out there in social media land tonight. The lights appeared in the afternoon and were in operation for the rush hour - not much rush at all tonight. It all goes to show that since the powers that be swamped us with traffic lights with money extracted from Sainsbury's (money that could have done interesting things in the town centre) it only needs another unexpected factor in the mix to cause chaos. 

Does the political will exist to test removing some of the lights and/or implementing a roundabout or two to ease things? Or do we have to wait for a bypass - best guess 3-5 years if funding can be found and anyone has a serious review of what the experts have deemed suitable for us?

The temporary 3-way lights at Duncan Drive this evening
Thanks to Donald M for the picture. 

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Too feart said...

I've no seen any political will to do anything about the traffic in Nairn since Oor Graham and the soon to be Sir Danny Alexander started a campaign for a bypass