Sunday, August 02, 2015

A second chance to see World Orienteering Championships Sprint relay from Nairn - available for 29 days on BBC Alba iplayer

Farpais Sligheadaireachd na Crunnie 1 Lunastal 2015 bho Inbhir Narann

Nairn was at its sunny best for the amazing international gathering that centred on the Links yesterday. The video of the event now available on BBC Alba tells the story of a wonderful day and is available here.


Loneliness of the long distance runner said...

Brilliant event with a brilliant atmosphere. It fairly opened my eyes to the sport. Amazing to see so many visiting athletes and supporters at the links enjoying the racing (if not the weather). Didn't appear to be very many locals watching, but that was their loss. Some seem to prefer to sit at home grumbling about anything and everything.

Peter said...

Must agree with Loneliness, I went down for a look just out of curiosity & the sight on The Links was amazing with flags flying from different countries proudly being held by the visiting visitors & athletes it was like a mini United Nations with a few thousand gathered on the Links & beach with sadly not many townsfolk in attendance which is a pity as they missed out on viewing a marvelous event with a nice friendly feel to it. The event was broadcast on several TV stations which is a tremendous advert for the town, & a big hand must go to all those involved in the organizing I toast you with a large dram. Grumbling is the national pass time & hobby of some in this town !

Anonymous said...

Great to see back to back positive comments!
The town did well and looked well.
The Keep Nairnshire Colourful volunteers and our Council groundsfolk, and our High Street businesses deserve a big thanks for getting their timing right. Even Transport Scotland / Bear's contractors didn't have piles of hay left behind.
On BBC Alba and on a range of the world's broadcasters, Nairn looked beautiful - the Links and Viewfield, the Moray Firth and Fishertown and even Claymore Gardens!
Proud to live in the best wee town in Scotland!

Anonymous said...

Was the TV broadcast available in English?

Graisg said...

Bha beagan Beurla ann - there was a little bit of English in it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was there and I saw lots of locals amongst the crowds.

It was interesting to note how quiet a sport orienteering is, runners silently appearing and disappearing, heads down intent on their maps and routes.

After the WOC event there was a Scottish 6 day 2015 sprint and it was fascinating to see the competitors who were all ages, shapes and sizes but just as determined and focused as their WOC counterparts - truly a sport for all.

Anonymous said...

As a Fishertown-dweller, I thoroughly enjoyed the event, although it was a bit of a mystery at the time! It would have been good to have been given more info about the event beforehand (e.g. with the notice about road closures). I've now watched the event on iPlayer and have sussed out what it was all about....

Chòrd e rium gu mòr!

Mike Rodgers said...

Lovely so see all these positive comments on here and so many other places. One of the local clubs (Moravian Orienteers) is holding an event that locals can have a go at in Forres on Sat 22nd Aug at Sanquhar Woods. Meanwhile Inverness Orienteering Club supported by the Highlands Regional Development Officer Johannes are running a set of "parent and child" sessions where an adult can bring up to 3 kids along and learn the basics of orienteering. The £10 charge includes club membership and entry to two events including one at Nairn East Beach on 30th August (my birthday!).

Johannes is from Denmark and you've seen how good the Danes are at orienteering so this is bound to be good!

PS - Did you know that the Nairn map for the WOC was created by a Nairn man, Steve Snirthwaite? Also the assistant event director Colin Matheson lives in Nairn.