Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday night e-protest in action "lets support the Nairn showies. Urge the council to cut rates"

Another e-petition hits the digital ether around Nairn. More details here. 

Meanwhile despite misgivings by some on social media who feel that Labour List MSP David Stewart is using the situation to gain himself some much needed attention the politicitian's traffic lights petition continues to gather signatures and comments. 

What is remarkable is that almost half of those who have signed the traffic lights petition have also made a comment. Here is one of the latest to be posted:

"As a Nairnite who has been away from the town for some years I am nothing short of embarrassed by the appalling impression the constant traffic jams in our once welcoming wee town, must make on first time visitors who will likely never return -why don't we just put a big SORRY sign up at both ends of the town and be done with it..... More seriously I suggest some kind of study is commissioned on the economic losses to tourism and local businesses this summer so that something is learned from this chaos and it never happens again... The cost to locals and visitors of lost time and missed appointments due to the recent gas works lights debacle at bottom of High Street should be totalled up- I personally know of at least half dozen people late for work, meetings and appointments ( including hospital ones ) between Elgin and Inverness - and thats just in one week- and send the bill to Highland Council and those responsible for the Gas infrastructure works. No one would get a penny most likely but it might force a bit more joined up thinking about the negative impacts when public works are carried out without proper local engagement and consultation."

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