Thursday, August 13, 2015

Another day, another mention about Nairn traffic lights from David Stewart MSP - he also sets up a petition to the Scottish Government

On his initial post about traffic lights which has attracted considerable comment from local residents the MSP adds this morning:

" I have read all the posts and I have set up an i-petition at which hopefully many people will sign.I will continue to keep you posted. I am also doing an interview for the BBC this morning on this issue."

His petition states: "We call on the Scottish Government to take action over the traffic chaos that is currently taking place in Nairn which has resulted from changes in traffic management that have resulted from the number of junctions controlled by traffic lights rising from four to eight ; and we observe that this has seen drivers travelling along the A96 through Nairn opt to take a de- tour along the back road between Auldearn and Culloden Moor, trebling the amount of traffic on a road that is not fit for such a volume of traffic and is thus creating a road safety issue; and that has been exacerbated by gas mains work being carried out at Harbour Street, High Street, Bridge Street and St Ninian Road junction on the A96 last week, all taking place during daylight hours when a more would have been a more efficient and effective time frame to carry out the work could have been sought; and that in light of the assessment that it may be a couple of years before work begins on dualling the A96 by 2030, with the Inverness to Nairn stretch, including the Nairn Bypass, we further call on the Scottish Government to provide solutions to the traffic jams now, and not in a few years’ time; and that this requires a proper look at the current traffic management systems."

The MSP's petition can be signed or commented on here. 


Bairn kisser said...

Lights issue has been here for years. Why the interest now from Stewart, oh there's an election next year. Transparent. Guess as with any politician he's trying save his seat a and a little like Danny Alexander promised the Nairn bypass along with oor Graham

When has a petition made a difference to anything? Can only hope the SNP has enough dosh left post the Westminster cuts to start digging the bypass

Anonymous said...

And of course the Nairn Bypass would have been built by now if Labour and Liberal and Tories hadn't combined to spend all the available capital budget at the time on the Edinburgh Tram fiasco rather than on dualling roads to connect all our cities. Perhaps Dave Stewart rebelled and voted to spend money on Nairn instead?

Anonymous said...

David Stewart MSP is shadow transport person. Is this how he intends to deal with transport issues by setting up petitions for anything he disagrees about or wishes to draw attention to? I fully agree that the traffic problems need looking at in Nairn but if this is the best he can do it's pretty pathetic

Maybe he start a 'vote for me' petition next year when the election is looming

Anonymous said...

If the person above (re 9.37) has their own plan to follow, to get a better result for NAIRN and the traffic issue, then by all means let's hear what you are going to do, before slandering somebody else's effort, David stewart is at least willing to do something, and if it works then why shouldn't he get a vote?

Anonymous said...

traffic lights sorted in 5 minutes ,turn off albert st seabank rd

Anonymous said...

Why pick on Albert Street and Seabank Road, why not turn the ones off at Merryton junction when they are at it, or would this hinder the people that live down that way!!!!! Just a thought. Look at them all not just the chosen few.