Wednesday, March 08, 2017

EU Citizens Public Meeting Nairn Community Centre Sat 11th March 13.30 - 14.30 with Drew Hendry MP


Anonymous said...

Why is Drew not arranging meetings for those of us Nairnites whose concern is that the SNP is trying to frustrate the wishes of those who voted to leave the EU? He knows fine well that EU citizens will be allowed to stay in the UK if the EU allows the same courtesy to UK citizens living in the EU. In truth we know this is all part of the SNP's plan to find an excuse for another divisive independence referendum.

Anonymous said...

@9:02 PM

'EU citizens will be allowed to stay in the UK if the EU allows the same courtesy to UK citizens living in the EU'

Who in Westminster and indeed in the EU has said this will be the outcome? All that we do know is that many folk from the EU currently living in Scotland are extremely worried as to their future

Anonymous said...

In 2014 Scottish voters were told to vote 'No' if they wanted to remain in the EU, just one of the many lies that some people believed and have unravelled since that vote to be shown to be completely untrue

Scotland remains under the thumb of Westminster. The new grant (giving us back some of the taxes we've paid) announced in the spring budget hides the billions kept back in recent years

That any citizen should have to fear for their future is wrong, what a horrible existence, not knowing if you can remain in the country you chose to reside in or will be deported due to a majority vote in England for Brexit

Good for Drew for taking up for highlighting and doing something about this awful situation

Anonymous said...

In fairness the uncertainty regarding the future of EU nationals living in the UK and vice versa is down to the EU's refusal to negotiate on this, or any other issue, until article 50 is triggered. It is understandable that EU nationals living in Scotland are concerned about their future status. However we also need to consider the position of Scots who currently live and work in the EU and ensure a we get a good deal that satisfies all parties.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:04
It may be true that voters chose to vote No to independence to enable Scotland to remain in the EU. However that needs to be set in the context that a newly independent Scotland was likely to fall out of the EU and to have to re-apply for membership. This would have taken a number of years and possibly have required the adopting of the Euro currency. The SNP's new found love for the EU is based purely on the opportunity of having yet another shot at a, once in a generation, independence referendum.