Friday, March 10, 2017

Seizing the moment - using the Nairnshire Community Councils to make the most of Scottish Government "localism" and "community empowerment" policies

We hope to put up some more videos on this topic in the near future. The poltical landscape is changing - Holyrrood wants to see a whole new landscape when it comes to how communities and local government interact. It has been what a lot of people in Nairnshire have been calling for for almost 25-30 years now as Invercentric thinking gained the ascendancy.

Now it is all about making the most of it as the pendulum swings back the other way as it gets a big shove in the right direction from the Scottish Government.

Its now up to us as a community to make the most of the opportunity presented to us. If you can spare the time please take in some or all of this video from Monday night's meeting of the Nairnshire Community Councils where Loreine Thomson delivered a presentation to the meeting.

A copy of the presentation is available here. 

Here are some other documents readers may find useful in conjunction with the video:

Redesign of Highland Council Final Report
Commission on Highland Democracy Interim Report
2017 Review of Planning System - Consultation Document

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