Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fantastic memories made and others rekindled today at Toshy's Testimonial

It finished Nairn County 3 Toshy's Select 3.  What an afternoon for the fans as cult hero Toshy led first the new Nairn County side that has played with so much pride, skill and passion this season against former players in the select - he switched to the select too (as is the testimonial fashion) for the second half and what a treat to see so many former players once again in County Colours. 

Kenny MacLeod of Cutter photography was there to capture the starting line-up. And a match report is available here. Thank you Toshy for all your years of service to NCFC and the Station Park Loyal and thank you too to his colleagues old and new who turned out today for our local hero. 90 minutes that will never be forgotten!


Anonymous said...

It was a very entertaining match and all the players put in a good performance but there was a lot of fun and laughter as well. There were a few of the old timers who I'm sure could still give a club some service - though probably not 90 minutes worth! Good to see all the old faces, should be an annual event although some of them might have to resort to the new fangled sport of walking football :)

Anonymous said...

load of tosh if you ask me