Saturday, March 11, 2017

Good turnout for Public Meeting as Drew Hendry MP seeks to reassure EU citizens living locally

There was a good turnout for Drew Hendry MP's public meeting for EU citizens living locally. The meeting took place in the Nairn Community and Arts Centre this afternoon. A lot of folk worried about the future and the mechanics of applying for Residency or British Citizenship. Drew answered questions as best as he could and afterwards took details of specific cases and experiences some of our European friends and neighbours have been having with the application system.

Drew stressed how the EU folk are welcome in Scotland and how he and his colleagues are determined to do everything to help them remain here. The local MP will soon be publishing helpful information and links on his website.


Anonymous said...

It is great that Mr Hendry has taken such an interest in EU citizens living in Nairn. But I have to report that there is no such reciprocation taking place in France where I live and work. I work as a ski instructor in the winter and a water sports trainer in the summer. Some of French people I come in contact with tell me quite directly that as there are no French people working as ski instructors in Scotland that I am stealing their jobs and should go back to Scotland.

Anonymous said...

I`m in a dilemma ... I want independence but I also want out of the EU (always hated the EU, full of freeloading fat cats ... hmm, just like Westminster really!!)