Friday, March 03, 2017

Power to the people of Nairnshire! - Reading the funding runes for taking the town centre plan forward - brief notes of the NICE meeting tonight.

According to Alastair Noble we now have the mechanisms to go forward and do all the things that we have been talking about for years. You can download a copy of the town centre action plan here.

The mood music from Highlands and Islands Enterpise and others is pretty good too by all accounts. It all has to be seen in the holistic light of the Nairn BID application, the Nairnshire Partnership which involves a whole bunch of authorities and actually has community council representatives and also the coming together of the Nairnshire community councils to discuss important matters that could lead to a new Nairnshire plan engineered by the community itself and not the high heid yins at Glenurquhart Road and elsewhere in the existing power structures. Together we shall overcome and get our fair share comrades! There is still money out there and we are on the verge of looking credible enough to let it tumble into our grasp is how this observer interprets proceedings earlier tonight.

There will possibly be a lot more about tonight's proceedings (the drop in opportunities during the day were well attended too the Gurn understands) in next week's edition of the Leopold Street Thunder, they had a journalist present he could clearly be seen interviewing some of the main participants afterwards. 

The meeting of the Nairnshire Community Councils is on Tuesday night at 7.45 pm in the Community and Arts Centre and topics on the revolutionaries table are:

1. A guide to changes to our planning legislation (Loreine Thomson).
2. Nairnshire and Area as a model for decision taking and management (Alastair Noble).
3. Community Councils and Community Empowerment working through Partnerships.
4. Proposed Projects: Nairn Harbour, Nairn High Street, Water and Sewage.
5. Suggested dates for a limited number of future meetings and Agenda topics.

Fellow citizens, let's get behind these initiatives big time - it is time to stand up and take this all forward as a community instead of having others tell us what we can have. Let's carve out our fair share from the raft of Scottish Government proposals that are coming down the tracks to enable Community Empowerment. Let's do this. Join the People's Front for the Liberation of Nairnshire and get down to the Community and Arts Centre on Tuesday night and support Alastair Noble and the usual suspects!

Highland Councillor attendance note - the only councillor present tonight was Michael Green.


Vaux Temout said...

Quote: "Highland Councillor attendance note - the only councillor present tonight was Michael Green."

Well well, how about that. One out of four. So much for having elected Councillors who are committed, engaged, and prepared to take part in collaborative efforts.

Election note: the date for the election of our Councillors for the next four years is 4 May.

MURD said...

Real World
It may be they don't live in the same fantasize world as Cln Green and NICE,
talk of developing ground that belongs to others! Dumping thousands of tones of silt on the beach and the other far fetched plans to the harbour. A HARBOUR that will still only be accessible for about four hours and A river mouth that can be walked accross at low tide
Cln Green saying at A public meeting there was no need for A bus shelter at the hospital.
I understand the meeting was not that well attended considering NICE the SAILING club and all the others that think it is such A wonderful way to take the town forward??

P.S any figurs figure on attendance?

Anonymous said...

Oh look... Some people are speaking about something other than what Murd wants and who pops up!!

For someone who does a great job keeping our officials focussed on the small things that make a real difference, you would think that you might respect the people who are looking at other things Murd.... Come on, work together not against each other!!

John Urquhart said...

Drop in, it was not and as one newcomer to Nairn was overheard saying " If this is how NICE organizes a Drop In who would support them". We were treated to a PowerPoint presentation after which people started asking questions, which was not what Mr Noble wanted and suggested we look at display board's ( If you could get near them. Nothing new to be gleaned from them. I heard only 12 people attended at night. What does that tell you NICE?


Well said pity you hide behind Anonymous but your right some help to get A bus shelter for all up at the Hospital would be one thing but NA NA MURD wants that
so it is a no go from both M GREEM and the chair NICE. WORKING TO GEATHER.
So Will just plug on and do it MY WAY.