Tuesday, March 28, 2017

NICE meeting Thursday night (30.03.17) Chair Alastair Noble reflects - video interview

There will be speakers at the NICE AGM on Thurday in the Little Theatre King Street at 7.30 pm.

Michael Green will speak on the Harbour proposals.
Michael Boylan will give an update on the BID
Michael Barnett will talk about the Town Centre Development
Iain Bruce will have the latest information about the Spa/Lido proposal

To hear a longer interview with Alastair on a range of subjects affecting Nairn's future please go to the Gurn Youtube pages here. 




Lets hope Michael lets all know about the equivalent of 1500 lorry loads of silt to be dumped on the beach the result of dredging the HARBOUR BASIN.!
With nothing being removed from the river so there will be no additional time added to the time boats can get in and out of the harbour.
Not all is lost well that is what he indicated to me and marine experts will explain how it can be done??
I did tell him at the last NWCC meeting my own thoughts the fact boats will need to be fitted with wheels to increase the time they will have to use the harbour.

Graisg said...

Aren't you going to ask the experts all about that Murd at that meeting on the 18th?

Cuban heals said...

I understand from an unreliable source that the 'dredging' of the harbour might now be just the north end in order to allow more pontoons to be put in place.

This is news that harbour users will not welcome along with the 10% increase in harbour dues next month. Boat owners in Nairn have become sitting ducks in more ways than one, fees up harbour access through silting down


Graisg I will try and be there It has the SILLY OLD MAN puzzled how sixty+THOUSANDS of tones of silt will be spread on the beach and boats will get up the river.
But there is a saying your never too old to learn even.