Monday, March 13, 2017

Supporting Scotland's CABs

One of our regular readers whose family has been helped in recent times by our local CAB has asked us to link to a page which gives details of how you can help the vital service that is provided all over Scotland but now in times of austerity finds itself in the line for funding cuts. 

"MORI research shows one in five people in Scotland visited a local Citizens Advice Bureau in recent years and 98 per cent of clients trust the service and were satisfied with the help we gave them.

We’re cost-effective, with around 75 per cent of the 2,500-strong workforce in our bureaux made up of volunteers.

And we save Scotland money. Independent research shows the work of the Scottish Citizens Advice Service contributes more than £166 million to the common good in Scotland.

Welfare reform, rising energy bills and other increases in the cost of living mean that more and more people need our help. Yet funding for our bureaux is being reduced by the squeeze on sources of income such as local councils."
Please if you can help by giving a donation, skills or your time please have a read of this CAB page. 


Anonymous said...

Hi. This link is to give funds to citizens advice scotlandin Edinburgh and not local cab in Nairn. Our service is free but if people want to donate we'd rather have volunteers or tea bags, jars of coffee to keep our volunteers going.

Anonymous said...

Nairn CAB - fantastic service - for free. Dedicated volunteers. All information and advice and assistance provided fully confidentially. Give them your support. Big thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon @ 9:51

Great service from Nairn CAB (as I`m sure with all CAB`s)I refer people to them all the time ... If you don`t use it you`ll lose it!