Friday, May 18, 2018

Another Councillor comments on Councillors upset at parking fines "The entitlement on display there is staggering."

Here's what Richard Laird, a Highland Councillor himself thinks of some comments attributed to other Glenurquhart Road members in an article in the Inverness Courier: "Councillors face fines after being snared by parking rules"

Gurn comment: The arrogance displayed in that article just comes out and hits you right in the face. Yes Richard Laird is right, the entitlement on display there is staggering, it is appalling.

Please have a read of the article if you can. Stuff like this is just too much, "I am not going to walk along Glenurquhart Road when I am entitled to park outside the HQ. There is a shortage of parking spaces, and I think on occasions people park there who are not entitled to be there."


Park 'n' Writhe said...

Not sure which is worse: the arrogance of Councillors who believe they can ignore the rules, or their hypocrisy in complaining about being subject to parking charges and fines so soon after voting to inflict a charging regime on other communities, visitors and towns around the region.

Credit to Richard Laird for being prepared to call out and condemn his colleagues for their dishonourable posturing.

Graisg said...

One voted for parking charges and one didn't.

"Cllr MacLeod was among the councillors who voted in February to support the move though Cllr Campbell-Sinclair had voted as part of the SNP group in favour of deferring the budget to allow more time for it to be considered."

Zzz's said...

Many of our councillors seem to be on a par with the House of Lords. Turn up, get their salary but haven't a clue as to what they're voting for. I wonder how many fall asleep post their free lunch?

Rita Meter Maid said...

The Courier report reveals even more about the attitudes of some Councillors and the Council itself.

Not only do certain Councillors consider they are entitled to free parking (unlike ordinary citizens and visitors) ...... but one admits that the Council advises them to go and park in nearby residential streets if the HQ carpark has no spaces.

What sort of example, and what sort of precedent, does this set? There have already been local warnings that if charges are introduced in Council-owned car parks in Nairn, drivers will simply park instead in nearby streets. Looks as if Highland Council actually encourages their own staff to do so. This is a serious wake-up call, and warning, that the Council doesn't practise what it preaches.

Anonymous said...

Not really leading by example lol, clowns. Give that traffic warden a hand shake from the normal folk of the highlands, by normal I mean with a conscience and not hypocritical.