Saturday, May 19, 2018

Auldearn and Cawdor "grapsing the nettle" and filling in where the Highland Council are cutting back

Liz MacDonald outlines how Auldearn and Cawdor are becoming more proactive in sorting things for themselves. Click on the video below to hear her speaking at the Environment, Development and Infrastructure Committee at Highland Council last Thursday (17th of May):


Neighbourhood Watcher said...

Has our local Councillor Liz not noticed that the Nairn community, too, has stepped up and taken on work that the Council has ceased to fund or carry out? Voluntary initiatives to clear the riverside; public-spirited individuals clearing paths; litter-picks at the beachfront; local organisations planting daffodil and crocus bulbs; groups organising events to raise funds for the town's amenities; orchard and picnic-bench provision at Viewfield; businesses working with local volunteers to sponsor and maintain flowerbeds alongside the A96 and in the town.......

Liz has always been quick to condemn the Nairn community for being divided and for opposing and criticising Council policies. Perhaps it doesn't suit Liz's agenda to acknowledge that many in the Nairn community are already committing time, energy and effort to the same kind of activity that she is now so ready to applaud in Auldearn and Cawdor?

You ain't seen nothing yet said...

There will be plenty of opportunities for the community to get more involved as the cuts kick in. How about running a stall with a few books every Saturday up the street for when the library closes.

Holding a few swimming lessons from the beach when the pool closes.

Driving an elderly person to Inverness when the service point in Nairn is no more.

The list for community initiatives will be near endless