Thursday, May 03, 2018

Parking Charges articles in the Press and Journal

And more recently from yesterday May 2nd: "Car parking charges across the Highlands could protect under-threat jobs, councillors claim." The paper states: 

"Imposing car park charges widely across Highland region could save and protect posts under threat, it was claimed yesterday at a council meeting to discuss the controversial move."
Free Parking in Nairn - soon coming to an end?

"Councillors and officials continued on-going discussions of a 62-recommendation report created as part of the council’s Redesign plan to look at savings, efficiencies and income generation.

Depute leader Alasdair Christie said: “If a car park generates £40,000 this money could be used to cover the costs of a care officer. You have to look at things holistically.”     More here. 


Anonymous said...

Simple solution would be to sack half of all councillors.

No Parking Charges said...

Yes yes look at this 'holistically'.

Imposing parking charges across the Highlands in villages and towns could mean the loss of shops and businesses, that equals a loss of jobs and people losing money if they're forced to close down.

Has anyone at Highland council made a study as to what difference the loss of footfall will make to Highland businesses hit by parking charges? No

Parking charges on the High Street will drive people away, shops are already struggling.

Researching a little today I've discovered that Boots will deliver my repeat prescription free so that's one less reason for me to go up the street when charges come in.

Oh and if Alasdair Christie wants to give a savings example rather than the pull the heart strings by citing a carer when not mention the £100K plus saved if a senior office is laid off? How about it Mr Christie

There is such a thing as a free lunch said...

How about saving £160k from the Councillors free meals? I can understand why they had this in the days before councillors were only paid expenses but they are on a salary now and should be like the rest of us and take their own piece to work.

cradlehall said...

I'll say it again, councillors being freely provided with meals is a taxable benefit in kind and must be declared on each councillors annual tax return. Get HMRC involved. There's no such thing as a free lunch!

dr-grigor said...

Totally agree about councillors getting free meals. Can't think of many other professions who get such a perk! if they really cared about our community and the lack of funds for much needed projects in our town then they would pay for there own meals. I wonder how many councillors would voluntary give up this perk ? Scandalous !!!

Graisg said...

Some councillors don't take the free nose bag Doc, Richard Laird an Inverness Councillor for example doesn't. As for the four Nairn Councillors maybe a survey is needed sometime :-)