Monday, May 07, 2018

Missing Cat Sutors Avenue area of Boathpark Nairn Sunday 6th May

Our lovely cat Gypsy has gone missing from the Sutors Avenue area of Boathpark Nairn. She is a female tabby black, brown and grey with cream underbelly. 

She has distinctive hairy ears. She went missing yesterday morning; she generally does not wander away and is always turning up and disappearing several times a day. She knows her own territory well and tends to stick well within it over the last six years and does not cross the main road. She is wearing a mainly brown collar with green and pink spots; she is micro-chipped, neutered and her collar has a bell and ID barrel. This is very unusual behaviour for her. Perhaps she has been inadvertently locked in a shed somewhere?

If she is seen contact 07895035015 or 01667456431.

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Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!!!