Monday, May 14, 2018

"The popular belief is that there will be no consultation and Nairn will soon have parking meters"

We've just been having another look at the editorial in last week's Nairnshire Telegraph. 

The editor ponders on whether the majority are anti car-parking charges and writes:

"We hesitate to say this is a majority view because that is untested, so far, but the experience over years since meters first appeared made an appearance on the High Street is to firmly object to the idea. The fact is we have not heard a view expressed to the contrary, in support of parking charges. 

And when it comes to the three councillors voting for the parking charges after the public meeting, the Nairnshire continues:

"Locals were given the line that this was expedient; the budget had to be passed, but there was a kind of deferral on the parking charges there would be consultation."

"At the end of the month, the council intends to come to a decision on the charges. Will consultation have taken place by then? To date there is precious little sign of it. At a recent meeting of Highland Council's Re-design Committee members were treated to a hard sell by a council official proposing the benefits of parking charges."

A little later the editorial reaches it's point. 

"The popular belief is that there will be no consultation and Nairn swill soon have parking meters. It seems that when consultation was talked about earlier in the year the emphasis was on the word's first syllable. 


Anonymous said...

"Con" in Consultation and "Con" in Conservative

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@Anon 3:04 PM