Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Parking charges for Nairn " no chance of stopping them"

We had recently written to the three Nairn Councillors who voted for the parking charges as part of the Highland Council budget plans to ask them what initiatives they have planned to stop the parking charges coming to Nairn. Cllr Tom Heggie did reply and told us that he would respond more fully when he had had meetings with his colleagues, in the meantime he told us he had given an assurance to avoid public debate at present, until the BID made some progress.

Cllr Liz MacDonald has not been silent however and has indicated at the recent West and Suburban Community Council meeting that she believes that parking charges are coming. More in today's edition of the Nairnshire Telegraph.


Anonymous said...

Liz MacDonald is a disgrace.

Graisg said...

As far as parking charges go anon she is well onside and a bit of a hero at the moment for speaking out against them.

Chris said...

Totally agree Graisg


Well every one to there own opinion Anonymous.
But any one who makes a statement and hides behind Anon is not only a disgrace But just a mouthpiece hiding in the back ground. AS I say every one to there own opinion and Liz will stand out for what she thinks is right.