Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Dingwall Councillor threatens to resign from administration if Parking Charges go ahead " I was elected by the people and I will support them as that is my duty as a Councillor"

Here's Dingwall Councillor Margaret Paterson saying she will resign from the Highland Council administration if parking charges go ahead. She was speaking in the Council chamber last Thursday, 10th of May.  A little later in the webcast Laurie Fraser says he fully supports her.


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Anonymous said...

Well done Councillor Paterson for sticking to her principles of representing the communities thoughts, that’s not a dig at any other councillor who have yet to state their intentions and I look forward to hearing them. The comments made by one of the Inverness councillors about fairness don’t really add up. It really isn’t ‘fair’ to compare Inverness and Aviemore with nairn and Dingwall. Inverness and aviemore are at breaking point as they are so busy, parking charges for them are not just about income, it is about managing the parking issues. In Nairn, and Dingwall, the charges are all about income which could be impactful on local business, they are not about managing traffic as we don’t have those issues in our car parks.

As I say..... I look forward to seeing the stand that our councillors take.