Thursday, December 06, 2018

Could Jumble Sales make a comeback in Nairn? A vist to the Nairn CAB fund-raiser last Saturday

It was great fun to have a rummage around the varioius bits and pieces laid out in the Nairn CAB office on Saturday. This observer managed to find an unused flask to take the place of his  metal one that has mysteriously given up retaining heat after several years. Such is the serendipity of jumble sales. It was fabulous  to get back into a retro jumble haggling situation for once. Many folk will remember jumble sales, will we see more? The only downside is that someone has to take away what is left over and store it somewhere etc. 

Anyway, good to visit the CAB fundraiser and have a blether with some of the volunteers who give their time free to help anyone with a problem. Sadly, they are needed more than ever as there are an increasing number of people with problems, financial and otherwise and it doesn't look like that situation may diminish in the near future. Universal Credit and other factors such as the cost of living are continuing to have a major effect. Well down the volunteers for doing all they can to help those in difficulties. 

The CAB are still in the process of sorting out multi-agency funding to move to a more suitable  bespoke premises with facilities to receive clients in a much better way and space for those who have no choice  but to bring their bairns downtown with them when they seek help with problems. The Gurn understands that the CAB may soon launch a crowd-funding initiative - every penny given to this essential facility will be money well-spent. Merry Christmas to all the folks at the CAB and thank you for all your hard work for our community!

Slideshow in pictures below and individual images here.

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Anonymous said...

How about having 'car boot' sales inside halls.At the average fee being about a tender a table,to go towards much needed Food banks etc.