Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Nairn BID board confirm that they are fundamently opposed to the introduction of parking charges in Nairn

Press release from the BID:

Following a meeting of the Nairn BID Board of Directors in relation to the proposed car parking charges to be introduced to Nairn during 2019, the Board can confirm that they are fundamentally opposed to the introduction of parking charges in Nairn. We have requested that our Ward Councillors enter into a joint review of the proposal in order to review all options and to propose alternatives to car parking charges in the town.

The Board are seriously concerned about the impact that parking charges will have on the town, its local businesses and residents. A request has been put to the town’s ward councillors and we await their formal response. 

Nairn BID chair Michael Boylan said "We've recently had an admission and apology from Highland Council budget leader Councillor Mackinnon for the way in which the 2018/19 budget was led by the administration given that there was no real consultation and, in my opinion, no thought through consideration of the impact that parking charges would have locally. Fewer people coming into town means fewer jobs and higher welfare costs at a time when Nairn is coming together to ensure a prosperous future. At a recent public meeting, the newly appointed Highland Council Chief Executive stated that it is for local members to come up with solutions. We will engage with local members to ensure they find an alternative solution and hope they are open to this.”


Anonymous said...

Didn't one of them vote for it?

Graisg said...

Yes the Highland Councillor on the Nairn BID, Peter Saggers did vote for the parking charges. There has to be a Cllr on the board apparently though.