Saturday, December 22, 2018

Real spirit of Christmas hits Nairn High Street

This morning a number of children's coats have appeared tied to lampposts in the High Street. They were placed there by someone who wishes to see them go to children who need them this Christmas. The notes on each of them are self-explanatory and one is pictured below.

The reaction on Nairn's social media has been instant and extremely supportive of this initiative.  There has been some suggestions that, if you badly need clothing for your family, then going to charity shops can be as expensive as going to a shop such as Primark.  This observer is glad to see charity shops filling spaces in the High Street, they provide employment and training but they have become more and more expensive as the years have gone by. And if you have little or no money to feed or clothe your bairns then there is no point in going into any sort of shop is there?  

As a community can we find new or resurrect old ways of getting clothes and other items to people that need them?  

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Anonymous said...
Frankie thinks it is all only going to get worse.
We live in a hugely unequal society.
49% Drones, 49% Workers and 2% Spivs, Speculators and the Westminster Establishment.