Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Highland Council parking charges 410K pain for 27K gain?

Here at the Gurn we were very interested to see that the Angus Businesses folk who are at their wits' end with the parking charges imposed upon them by the local Council since the 1st of November (see previous Gurn article here) had published information containg a list of how Councils that have Decriminalised Parking Enforcement in place were getting on.

The table below is available in a Transport Scotland PDF documenet here.  A-reir Comhdhail na h-Alba:

"A local authority operating a DPE regime must keep an account of their income and expenditure in respect of designated parking places and additional parking charges, in the permitted and special parking areas."

And so here's the table 

So fellow Gurnites, Highland Council had 648K of expenditure after 675K coming in from fines and pay and display etc. That left 27K in the pot to go to pay for repair of potholes and other transport related things? 

Do you work for Highland Council? Are you a councillor? It would be great to know an exact breakdown of how the 648K was spent. Please drop us a line here at the Gurn.

Update: We would wish to draw readers attention to the following twitter conversation with Cllr Ben Thomson (Lochaber). He tells us that that total Highland Council parking income is around £1.5m and not everything is in that table. To see the entire conversation click on the tweets to go to the relevant twitter thread.

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