Thursday, December 20, 2018

Gurn going off-piste with this one: "Brexit and the Veterinary profession" - a topic that this observer hasn't heard much about in the continual Brexit background noise


Joe Telfer said...

Well Gurn, you may be off-piste, But I can tell you I'm Pissed off. Maybe it's my age by I can recollect joining the EU, thinking what a fantastic thing this was going to be for future generations. The ability to travel and work abroad, no restrictions, more opportunities for all, wealthier society, less chance of war, all this proved to be correct. Now a mere generation later we are talking Brexit!! I find it hard to believe that Humans are still doing the same old thing, one step forward and two steps back ! Will they ever learn ?

The old saying comes to mind, if we don't learn from history, we will end up repeating it !
We need to cancel the whole idea of Brexit !

Anonymous said...

You are correct.
Nobody ever claimed the EU was perfect.
Every country recognised an ongoing need to reform.
I still don't understand how or why so many folk believed the complete lies and codswallop emanating from Boris and Nigel and Jacob and their billionaire spiv and speculator chums.
If we don't stop Brexit then in a few years time once there are more young voters and fewer old voters, then we'll have to go through the application process again.
Fortunately, folk who live in Scotland will soon have the opportunity to stay European and lose the omniburach aka Westminster.

Ex SNP now happy said...

Yawn yawn, the end of the world if we leave the EU. Hmm, we will have to trade under World Trade Organisation Agreement. Shock horror, the very same trade agreement that the USA, China and Australia trade with the EU and the EU trades with them

IndyRef2 said...

@Ex SNP now happy
WTO agreements can often take nearly a decade to be ratified so the UK might find itself in a gap. I would suggest you're going to yawning for a very long time and you might never see happiness again. Still, you wanted Brexit and have stuffed us all for many generations. Well done, you must be feeling very proud of yourself